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As a writer and speaker, words are Kristianne’s art. A deliberate stringing of words becomes one of the highest forms of human expression when it gives a voice to the heart. Compassion That Compels and Compassion Bags started with a letter, a sweater and Kristianne’s two sisters-in-law and sister’s, cancer diagnosis.




“Birthdays are for Giving”

by Denise Allen

We all know that Compassion That Compels is about sharing and giving. Since there are so many women being blessed with Compassions Bags, the cost of running the ministry is growing. While I have donated small amounts of money in the past, I always wished I could somehow do more. One afternoon in late April as I was checking my Facebook page, a post popped up introducing a new feature: “donating” my birthday as a nonprofit group fundraiser. My wish could come true!

Many of my approximately 160 Facebook friends were supportive during my breast cancer journey. After I completed my chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I continued to post about my follow-up doctor visits and test results to keep everyone informed of my progress. I thought if I posted a fundraiser through Facebook, a few friends and family members would contribute. So I set my goal at $120, enough money to pay for one Compassion Bag. It was a worthwhile goal but not out of reach for my audience.

Boy, was I surprised! I checked the amount donated daily and watched the amount climb over the one-bag mark, over the two-bag mark, over the three-bag mark, and up to the four-bag total! That’s $480, folks! I couldn’t have donated so much by myself, so I was overwhelmed at this amount.

Why do I think it worked? It’s very personal. My Facebook friends know me. They follow my journey and care for me. Some of them are cancer survivors, patients, and pink sisters. One unexpected and touching contribution came from my son’s friend whose mother had a breast cancer scare. Also, it was my birthday! I wasn’t asking for gifts for me; I was asking for gifts for a worthy cause. Finally, it was simple for donors to give.

Here’s the best part: You can do it, too!

How does it work?

From what I can determine, the Facebook birthday fundraiser is still in test mode. If it pops up on your wall a few weeks before your birthday, click on it, and fill in the blanks. Search for and select Compassion That Compels as your nonprofit organization for the donations. You can add a photo and use prewritten text, or customize your own message. Record an achievable amount for your group, or set the bar high–it’s up to you! Either way, the fundraiser closes at midnight on your birthday, and, a few weeks later, the money will be donated to Compassion That Compels through Network for Good, minus a 5.75% administrative fee.

If you don’t get a message for a birthday fundraiser from Facebook, or if you don’t want to wait for your birthday, you can still donate! Simply click the Fundraisers tab on the left side of your Facebook page and select a date that works for you. The process is the same from this point. The post will be public but only your Facebook friends can donate to the fundraiser. Sit back, relax, and watch the donations roll in! You can share the post occasionally to remind people of the fundraiser. I chose to share it once a week.

If you don’t use Facebook, there are other ways to raise funds online. You can send requests for donations through email or Twitter by providing a link to the Compassion That Compels Donation page, or use fundraising sites such as GoFundMe and YouCaring.

Other ways to offer support

Fundraising is not the only way to contribute to Compassion that Compels. Some volunteer to deliver or put together Compassion Bags. Others shop at Altar’d State on Mission Mondays, buy products from the Compassion That Compels store, or make purchases at events that benefit the group. All are worthwhile ways to help women who currently are battling cancer. We’ve all experienced pain and healing with love from God and from each other. And that’s a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday!

Denise C. Allen lives with her husband Jeff and college-aged sons, Jared and Tristan, in Aubrey, TX. She battled Stage IIA Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Her treatment included a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. She works as a communication liaison at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX, and is a freelance writer who is happy to be contributing to Compassion That Compels. If you are ever in Denton, call her to meet for lunch!

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