"Eye on the prize…BEAUTIFUL Jennifer"

This picture of me with my daughter was taken by her daddy, Chris. At eighteen months old, she experienced her first adventure into the snow. Olivia and I had woken up a little early that morning to peek outside and saw a blanket of sparkly white snow covering the earth. We all rushed to get… Read More

"That little book…BEAUTIFUL Belinda"

Here is where my journey begins. First, a few details about me. I did not believe in God. I wasn’t raised in a household where God was even mentioned. We never went to church and religion never came up. Occasionally over the years, my mother had friends that invited us to church. We would go one time and never go back. It just didn’t stick. Read More

"Happy Anniversary to Compassion That Compels"

Let’s CELEBRATE 3 years of showing and sowing God’s love and compassion for women battling cancer! Compassion That Compels and Compassion Bags started with a letter, a sweater and Kristianne Stewart’s two sisters-in-law and sister’s, cancer diagnosis. Today, Compassion That Compels has grown to an international ministry and non-profit with a simple mission to reach every woman battling cancer with Compassion Bags, reminding them they are never alone. Read More