"Standing for Good… BEAUTIFUL Danielle"

My husband and I welcomed our first baby girl into the world last year. After years of trying, surgeries, and a miscarriage, we finally had our tiny miracle from God. Life was absolutely perfect. Weeks go by, sleepless nights became reality, and being a mother was more amazing than I could have ever dreamed. Fatigue was real, but the baby weight was falling off faster than I hoped. A nasty cough crept in so I went to the clinic and they treated me for bronchitis. Two days later, I developed a severe pain in my chest and shortness of breath. After a loud pop in my chest and an immediate laboring for air, my husband rushed me to the emergency room. Doctors were certain I had pneumonia, but they couldn’t see it on an x-ray because all the fluid that built up around my lungs. When I woke up from surgery, my surgeon quickly assured me that the surgery went well, but I have cancer. My perfect little world was crashing in on me. My symptoms were from the beast that I now call the “C-word”. After 11 days in the hospital, the oncology report came back that I was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As soon as the chemo treatments began, so did the hair loss. At this point, I wasn’t scared of the cancer – I was scared of losing my hair. One morning I woke up to find my pillow completely covered in strands of brown hair. I ran to the bathroom, only to see it falling like snow from my pajamas. I ran my fingers through it, pulling out wads. Read More

"Prideful vs. Being Proud"

Is there any difference between being prideful and being proud? As a Coach, I regularly have conversations with women about becoming the best version of themselves; often talking about advancing in their gifts and talents. For many women there is a huge discomfort surrounding success and advancement. The idea that they would feel proud enough of themselves to share their wins and offer their services hinges on the fear that they may appear prideful. For many having a humble posture often feels much more comfortable. But does that quest to appear humble stand in the way of being successful? Does quality success always lead to a prideful attitude? I have a few thoughts. Humility doesn’t mean downplaying your talents, accomplishments, or giftings. The challenge comes when we feel our talents, accomplishments, or giftings far out way those of our peers. A healthy humbleness is evident when we are able to celebrate the good talents, accomplishments, and giftings of those around us as well. It’s important to find satisfaction in who we are, in who God made us to be and in the things we do well. Be proud of who you are! Perhaps you’ve launched a business, written a book, started a charity, earned a degree, mentored others, raised an amazing family, or have learned a new skill – be proud of it. C.S.Lewis has a great quote, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Read More

"This Little Light of Mine… BEAUTIFUL Lyndsie"

Let God speak through me. Kristianne and I met a short time ago thanks to my dear friend, Delia who battled triple negative breast cancer, as I currently do. Delia had received a Compassion Bag and asked Compassion That Compels and Kristianne Stewart, to send me a bag. This was a rainbow during my storm. Something so unexpected that continued to give me even more hope, throughout my journey. My thoughts are all over the place right now. Like when you pour gasoline into a funnel. It sloshes all over the place and then funnels down into the machine. My thoughts race back to the day I was diagnosed and how quickly my life changed forever. Not only mine, but my family’s. Cancer – what a beast. Cancer is taking so much from me. But it has given me more than it has taken. What used to pull me down, God is fueling and igniting my will. I can feel him in my bones. Cancer lies where the Lord will fight. I can feel Him in my chest. Where the cancer once was and is now healed. I can feel Him using me. I told lots of people as soon as I found out and they immediately rallied around me. It was like a world pulling together and embracing me as if I were their child or best friend. It was God touching people – nudging them to help me. Everything I’ve done…everything that has happened in my life has prepared me to help others. God’s been preparing me and sharpening my sword for some time. Preparing my mind, body, and soul. He brilliantly pieced together the armor on me, handed me my sword, and said; “Fight.” I began fighting this battle then, and I’m still doing it now. Read More

"2 Ways to Help Others in Difficult Circumstances"

Most of the time when a crisis happens the outpouring of love and attention is amazing. People come to the rescue and it’s a beautiful thing. But, a lot of damage can happen to the person dealing with the crisis because of the way friends and loved ones handle the situation. Read More