"Journaling through metastatic breast cancer…BEAUTIFUL Elise"

These are the five little people that keep me living and breathing. These five little people in my arms and I are looking out and smiling at a guy, who made us laugh for the camera that day and kept our focus in the right spot for this very special picture. He’s also the guy I chose to live with forever. That guy is my husband. They were the first people that came to my mind when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the first and second time. I was diagnosed with stage 3, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma at age 35 when my youngest child was only seven months old, and my oldest was not quite ten. Immediately I went to prayer. I prayed and I prayed. How did I pray? When I knelt down, when I thought, when I sang, and when I wrote. I am someone who believes whole-heartedly in praying in every moment, all day long, for the big and small things. Since I was a little girl, I found myself writing in black and white composition notebooks, diaries, and cloth-covered books with empty pages that my father would buy for me on his business trips. I would write until my hand cramped. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, it was only natural that I wrote my questions, thoughts, feelings, and recorded all that was happening down in journals. My hand had never cramped more than at that moment. Read More

"Metastatic Miracles"

Pitter patter pitter patter. The sound I hear now each morning at the top of the morning. At least I have for the past five years now. My children’s footsteps. They greet me every morning. It’s something I live to hear. Literally. Four years ago, I was told I had breast cancer. Four years ago, my whole world was turning upside down. Not only mine but my family’s as well. Having a twenty one-month-old child and a six-month-old baby whom I was breast-feeding at the time, to say I was scared, is an understatement. Clinging on to my faith in God, I knew there wouldn’t be room in my life for fear and faith. So I chose. Faith. With that and the power of prayer, I was never scared again. I began believing in my heart of hearts and knowing that God had me in the palm of His hands. I could feel His warm embrace. Feel His love. Feel His presence. When I silenced the world around me, I knew. God didn’t give me cancer, but He was using cancer to get me to where I needed to be. Read More

"Positively surviving cancer"

I have always believed in God’s plan and choose not to question God when tragedy strikes. There have been tragedies throughout my life that have led to something wonderful or have taught me something so vital that I needed later in life. I believe God intends for these trials to teach us and lead us down the road he has for us. My road has been bumpy recently. The first big bump came last year, when my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma. After completing treatment, doctors gave him the clear sign of remission, but a month later, he developed a relentless cough that caused him terrible chest pains. I urged him to go to the emergency room after work one day and that trip scared us half to death. We were in the room waiting for the x-ray results and speaking with the nurse. The nurse answered a call, excused himself then returned wearing a mask and quickly escorted us into an isolation room. Apparently, the x-ray showed something that could have been tuberculosis, though they were not sure of the type of infection. They rushed him to the hospital via ambulance and he was in isolation, until the tests determined the infection was not tuberculosis. My husband received a multitude of antibiotics and fluids and the hospital released him over a week later. Having dad in the hospital was very hard on our children. They missed him terribly and cried at night. We got through this stressful time for our family and felt stronger and ready to take on anything. We had no idea what was in store next. Read More

"To the Vintage Market we will go!"

A note from our founder, Kristianne Stewart…The best medicine is never found hanging from an IV pole. I guess in most cancer centers, they infuse chemotherapy drugs but with every Compassion Bag delivered, we pray there’s an infusion of HOPE, LOVE, COMPASSION, and yes, JOY! We’re grateful for Vintage Market Days Amite helping us to reach BEAUTIFUL women fighting cancer. Join us at this exciting event and please share this email with your family and friends. See you at Vintage Market! When: October 21 – 23 from 10am – 5pm Where: Florida Parishes Arena in Amite, LA Vintage Market Days is an upscale vintage-inspired market featuring original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, handmade treasures, home décor, outdoor furnishings consumable yummies, seasonal plantings and a little more. The Market is a three day event held several times a year in various communities. Each Vintage Market Days event is a unique opportunity for vendors to display their talents and passions in different venues. Read More