"Sweet Harvest 2016"

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful to God for a BEAUTIFUL season to harvest a crop of LOVE! Our hearts are grateful for our BEAUTIFUL overcomers, their families, and those who care for them. We’re grateful for our amazing volunteers who serve with their whole hearts. We have an abundance of thankfulness for our generous donors, corporate sponsors, and affiliate partners whom God has chosen for this ministry. Your prayers and support equip us on our mission to provide hope to women battling cancer – one Compassion Bag at a time. If you’ve spent time around Compassion That Compels in the past three years, then you’ve heard about Altar’D State and our Mission Monday partnerships with their outstanding stores. In this season to GIVE LOVE (NOTE HERE- make these words, GIVE LOVE a link to the video on our homepage) at Altar’D State, we thought you’d like to see the fruit of our partnership from this past September and October’s Mission Monday. Altar’D State’s Christian faith and lead of love through their owners, Aaron Walters and Brian Mason, is evident in every aspect of their business. Their corporate leadership and store management casts a vision of hope in our world. Read More

"Don’t let the darkness creep in"

Tired, weak, sore. Cancer. Stupid cancer. It has me so tired I can hardly function. So weak I can’t walk up the stairs. So sore, I need to sleep with a heating pad right now and amp up on the ibuprofen. It’s a few days till my new scan reveal. The darkness starts to creep in. The devil knows I’m weak. He sees my light dimmed. He attacks. The small fire in me is blown out. It is silent. My mind is quiet. The smoke from my recently blown out flame rises. The shadows dance around as if in celebration. I cry. I don’t understand. I’ve stood firm. I’ve prayed. I’ve fought and fought more. I’m tired. So tired. Within the stillness of the devil’s victory dance, I hear it. It’s one simple word; sleep. It’s 7:00 pm. I find myself crawling into bed. I cry more. I fall asleep in prayer. I wake up several times through the night. The first time I go to get up, I about fall over. I can’t even open my eyes. The next time I stand easier. The last time it is time to get out of bed. It’s morning. Right foot left foot. Tie on my shoes, clear my voice and say; RUN. Read More

"Standing on his promises"

Let me introduce myself. At the time of my diagnosis, I was a forty-eight year old single mother of adult sons, a hard worker, and employed at two different companies. Most importantly, I am a Christian, a child of the Most High who has crowned me with favor. Over four years ago, I learned that Pheochromocytoma cancer, a very rare adrenal cancer that I knew very little about and could barely pronounce or spell, was trying to take over my body. Today, I’m just as determined to fight as I was from the beginning. I will fight with everything in me, even when it gets rough. I will never give up. I realize the doctors don’t see a cure with this very rare, advanced stage cancer diagnosis and they are trying to calm the disease so that I can live with it. But my Bible is full of promises that tell me different, and I will continue to walk my faith! I believe in this verse, “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God and the son of God will be glorified through my Journey” (John 11:4) I went through an intense clinical study with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. It required me to make many trips from my home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Houston for treatments, scans, labs, and doctor visits. This is in addition to my appointments and treatment here in Milwaukee. Read More

"Mommy, why is the sun falling?"

Hurry kids! Hurry! We are hustling around looking for shoes. TOBIN! He looks at me. I toss him his shoes. CAMBRIE! She looks at me. I toss her a jacket. Let’s go! Quick! Quick! Quick! We giggle. We run outside. I’m nearly passing out since I don’t run anymore. We run up the stairs into our new home with no roof (since we are redoing it) and find a comfortable place on the subfloor (we’re redoing floors too). They wanted to see the sunrise. As my heart begins to beat at a regular pace again to where I am able to speak, my children and I start discussing the morning and snuggle up under the blanket I carried over. It’s a crisp morning. As the golden sunrays began to line the earth and the sun started to play peek-a-boo with the crescent of the world, Tobin climbs out from my lap. Read More