"Love has the Power to Pull you Through"

"In a time when life is tough, which can be everyday for some of us, love can pull us through. " | www.CompassionThatCompels.org/blog
I love you (we hang up the phone). I love you … words that are said so many times in a day, but I feel it is never enough. I love you – these words are so powerful that we sometimes don’t realize the impact they have. Three small innocent words that heal many wounds. I love you, can reach into your heart, and can sometimes keep it beating. I love that all of us see LOVE as something different. It’s what creates the amazing world we live in and gives life. I look at my husband and he still gets my heart to beat faster when he grabs me close and tells me he loves me. My children create a different sense of love in my heart. A unique love I’ve never felt before. I look at them and thank God for trusting my husband and me to raise them. I look at strangers through the eyes of love, as we never know what someone is going through. Read More

"God Loves Us Anyway"

"God doesn’t see us as educated, intelligent, independent, mature adults. He sees us as helpless newborns" | www.CompassionThatCompels.org/blog
I have witnessed all types of love in this world, yet one overwhelms me more than others. It is the love of a mother towards her newborn child. A newborn baby has nothing to give, nor can it fathom how the one loving them fulfills its needs. A baby cannot say thank you; it can only sleep, burp, cry, and mess in its diapers. Yet it yearns daily for the faithful love and care of its provider. On the other hand, a good mother would give up her food to feed her baby and she would not sleep until her child is fully at rest. She responds to her child’s every need. In the dark of night, exhausted, she rises for a feeding and patiently waits for her child to be filled. As the dim light shines across her baby’s brow, she stays up an extra hour gazing at this precious face, now asleep in her arms and marveling at this small miracle so beloved in her sight. Even more amazing, she ponders how she birthed this child from her own womb. For the past nine months her baby, so dear and close to her heart is now dearer than ever. Read More