"One Day At a Time"

  By Kay Mejia “Trust me and do not be afraid.” These words were on replay in my head for days. As calm and as gentle as the untamed sound of the wind: “Trust Me … Read More


  By Jennifer Smith It is easy for me to write and communicate when life is going well. But when life is heavy, I find myself not wanting to write or even mutter the simplest … Read More

"Compassion Cares…"

By Janet Cline Fatigue, high liver enzymes, problems focusing, and confusion sent me to my GI doctor. Standard tests and procedures showed that I had stage 3 cirrhosis due to autoimmune hepatitis. He prescribed immune … Read More


We race out the door. A new normal for my family and me. Not normally ones who are late, but with two children and life, it’s not easy to be on time anymore, no matter … Read More