"Why Me?"

by Katie Poole Why me?  I have stumbled across this question frequently over the last year and a half. I first asked it  when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at 23 years old. Why me?  I was one of the healthiest members of my family, and I had no family history of cancer. It… Read More

"Bring a Little Sunshine"

a Mission Monday story from Altar’D State A few weeks ago, a woman named Roberta and her sister, Debbie, came into Altar’D State. Roberta was looking for an outfit to wear to a rehearsal dinner. Debbie was wearing a hat and had a mask over her face. I commented on what a beautiful day it… Read More

"Faith and Friendships"

by Kristy Hatter   My breast cancer journey began after having a diagnostic mammogram for a lump I had found a month earlier.  The radiologist was choosing her words carefully, but in my heart I knew something was wrong; she wanted to do the biopsy right away.  The ultrasound tech told me the radiologist was… Read More

"Climbing Mountains"

Psalm 91
by Nicole Lech   In December of 2016, I had a mass about the size of two cantaloupes removed from my ovary. My surgeon was almost positive the mass was benign. He said I would recover from surgery and be on my way. However, two weeks after having the ovarian mass removed, I went to… Read More