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"Let Go, Let God"

by Lyndsie Blythe

Ever drive through fog? I’m not talking about the kind you can drive through easily. I’m talking about the kind you can’t see through, the kind you can only see to the edge of your car.  The kind of fog that makes is seem like your car has to push the fog out of the way for you while you drive. 

That is scary! It’s not something I enjoy doing.  

One morning I hear a whisper, “Mommy? Can we go get donuts?” My eyes are stuck together, but I can tell it’s Tobin, my son. I try to clear out my morning voice.

“Yes, Tobin. In a little bit.”

“But mom! Can we pleasssssssse go now!?” I peel my eyes open. I blindly look at my clock; 6:00 am.

“Not yet, Tobin.”

“But mom, seriously. PALLLEASSSE!!!!!!!!” I cave.

“OK, we can go, Tobin.” I stumble awake, find my keys, wake my daughter, and off we go.

 We get buckled into the car and crank the music. Then we back up and become immediately engulfed in fog. I creep. I’m driving so slow, I’m worried I will get a flat on the gravel road. This road I have been on hundreds of times before is now completely new to me. 

As I continue to creep down the road the fog begins to lift. By the time we reach town, get our donuts, and head back, the fog is totally gone. And then it hits me; our lives are COMPLETELY like this!!! 

In this case MY child wanted his blessing (his donuts), NOW. As children of God, we want our blessings now, now, now! We beg God for them, and sometimes think we can achieve the goal faster if we hurry up and help Him, or beg Him to give us the blessing sooner.

Had I held firm in my “not yet” with MY child, the fog would have lifted. Had I told him to be patient a little longer, the roads would have been easier and the path clearer.

Sometimes we do the same; we try to interject into God’s plan. He wants to reward us, but we have to be patient to wait for the right time to receive it. Sure, God will allow us to run our own race, but it may take longer to receive our blessings. Or we can take the clearer path and follow God’s plan when we sit back, let go, and let God.

Lyndsie Blythe is firm in her faith and has a love for life that is obvious to all. A wife, mother, blogger, writer, and fighter, the 36-years-old battles stage four breast cancer. Originally diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2013, the cancer eventually metastasized to her lungs, bone, and brain. She admits that sounds scary, but is quick to add, “all of it has molded me into a stronger and better person. Now I have a trust in God like I’ve never had before. I know no weapon formed against me (not even cancer), shall ever prosper.” Lyndsie lives in St. Charles MO, where she loves being a light to others through her blog, Squirrel Kisses. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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