"Answered Prayer"

"For this child I have prayed." Answered Prayer | CompassionThatCompels.org
by Danielle Stepp People often ask me, “What do you think caused your cancer?”   I do not know why I get that question. Maybe because I look healthy or the fact that I have never been sick before in my life. But I hear it all the time.   I simply answer, “That’s easy;… Read More

"Thankfulness Feast"

Have you noticed? There’s a Gratitude Movement sweeping the world. We see it in books, journals, blogs, and home décor. Everywhere you look, there is another reminder to be thankful. “Because I said so!” I dreaded hearing that response from my parents as I questioned some seemingly unfair decision they had made about my social interactions. Of course, the day came when I heard myself saying the exact same words to my children. My children say the same phrase to their children, but with an additional ending. “I need you to trust that we know what is best for you.” Not speaking out of impatience or anger. They are teaching my grandchildren to respect authority and to learn to trust their Heavenly Father. When life becomes dark, difficult, and seemingly unfair, our Father God has provided a way for us to respond so we are not crippled, destroyed by toxic emotions and cynicism. He directs us to His Word and we learn to trust that He knows what is best for us. Read More

"The Ministry of the Towel: a Message for Caregivers"

The Ministry of the Towel: a message to caregivers | www.CompassionThatCompels.org
by Mark Whittington After over twenty years of marriage, ministry, and almost that many years of parenting, it was easy to think that life was pretty much settled into a steady, somewhat predictable routine.  We had experienced some ups and downs and a few bumps along the way, but that was normal…right?  We had teenagers,… Read More

"10 Tips to Stomp Out Stress"

10 tips to stomp out stress | www.CompassionThatCompels.org
by Jennifer Wilson   Battling cancer is a stressful time. If you’re not careful, the stress can become more overwhelming than the diagnosis. Managing your stress levels is an important priority throughout your cancer journey. You will have added stressors during this time that you did not have before. Here are some tips to help you… Read More