"Soul Scan"

Fear Impedes the Soul | CompassionThatCompels.org
By: Kristianne Stewart Can I ask you something? How are you doing? If you did an emotional inventory of 2017, like a soul scan, how are you really doing? Okay, I’ll start. Each year I pick one word and a Bible verse to frame my vision and goals. I want to be fearless and have… Read More

"Where’s The Joy?"

By: Pam Stewart During the Christmas season the word “Joy” is flung about frequently and sometimes lightly. It’s on coffee cups, commercials and stamps. Sitting here praying my way through fourth stage breast cancer this “Joy” seems lacking the substantial stuff with which I long to bolster my joy experience. I open my Bible to… Read More

"Joy Comes in Unexpected Places"

By: Nancy Backues Two days before Christmas, I sat hooked to an IV-drip for my sixth round of chemotherapy. The week before, I’d been in my son’s hospital room as he fought against a respiratory virus and asthma attack that left his 6-year-old body depleted of oxygen. My prayer had been that his lungs were… Read More

"My Journey to Joy"

By: Jackie Stephens As long as I can remember I’ve loved everything about Christmas. I love all the decorations, lights, Christmas carols, the anticipation, and excitement. I remember countless Christmas programs singing, “Joy to the World.” On Christmas Eve, my sister was always telling jokes that would make us erupt in uncontrollable laughter as we… Read More