"1,000 Reasons Why Altar’d State Stands Out for Good"

by Danielle Stepp One hundred pennies make a dollar. That’s a lot of pennies! Now, how many pennies are in $10.00???? The answer: 1,000. Why is this number significant? Because last week, Altar’d State teamed up with CTC and packed not one, not 100, but 1,000 Compassion Bags!!!! Yes, that’s right: 1,000 women are now… Read More

"Are you happy at me?"

By: Kristianne Stewart My youngest daughter Annelise didn’t simply play dress up, she had her own fashion line and a princess dress was a part of her daily wardrobe. Annelise would twirl and dance in her clear, plastic high heels despite the heat buildup that put a film of moisture across her half-painted, pink toenails.… Read More