"Are you happy at me?"

By: Kristianne Stewart My youngest daughter Annelise didn’t simply play dress up, she had her own fashion line and a princess dress was a part of her daily wardrobe. Annelise would twirl and dance in her clear, plastic high heels despite the heat buildup that put a film of moisture across her half-painted, pink toenails. A trail of glitter sweat from her play eyeshadow would stream down her face. It was pure joy to watch. At times, she’d stop, push her bangs up into her sparkly crown, and say, “Mommy, are you happy at me?” It was her way of knowing that her joy was contagious. To her 3 year old heart, there wasn’t a concept of someone being mad at her but only happy in her presence. I don’t really remember when she stopped using the expression but I recently missed it. Annelise threw down her bag pack and was excitedly telling me about her high school day. I was multitasking and when I looked up, she had quietly left the room. I had missed it. I missed the story, her excitement and being happy at her.

Relationships improve when you listen.

  Yep. It happens when you are focusing on who and what is before you. When you do that, you’re not worried about what you are going to say or the next task before you. You can’t be a continuous learner if you’re continually generating your own ideas. When did you stop learning how something works by asking someone? Last month, we had our first Just Breathe retreat and it was amazing. I experienced the most delightful hugs imprinted on my heart and I changed that weekend. I exhaled and let go of some things I’d been holding on to. I asked this group of BEAUTIFUL souls, “What was the impetus that led you to intentionally create life changing habits?” It could be a reaction from a mid-life divorce, natural disaster, death of a loved one or a life changing diagnosis. We operate out of our own personal history and change is usually caused by force or maybe consequences. Most people know what they don’t want to do but not what they do want to do. So often in life, we stumble through days and trip through “seasons,” never taking ownership of who we are and want to be. We’re bumping along and possibly not cultivating life changing inner habits unless forced to. Maybe you don’t have positive patterns in your life or sacred rituals and routines. There is no better time to be still before God than when you read the Bible. One of my sacred routines occurs when I take a moment each morning to quiet and steady myself  by reading my Bible and writing in my prayer journal. I will write down the first emotion that I feel. If it’s the same emotion day after day, I’ll ask myself what thoughts I’m bringing to bed. Every day, I write down 3 things that I’m grateful for and one thing that inspires me. We learned how to cultivate this habit at the Just Breathe Retreat during the “Creating Your Life Plan” session led by my life coach, Dianna Salciccioli, co-founder of Coachwell. As a group we had a fun time creating our life plan while using our Life Plan Coloring Book created by Jules Montelaro, our Compassion That Compels board member and my dear friend! YOU are in charge of your own happiness. Life is a gift to be lived to the fullest! Make today the day you create positive inner habits and sacred routines.
Change begins when you take ownership in who you are and who you want to become.

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As a writer and speaker, words are my art. A deliberate stringing of words becomes one of the highest forms of human expression when it gives a voice to the heart and dimensions to the soul. Collecting people, writing, & exercising are among my pursuits. Helping women discover their strength and strike a passion to create a life well-loved is my mission. My life of love is filled to overflowing for my husband Royal, two fabulous daughters Grace and Annelise, and two Yorkies of questionable pedigree. And oh yes, I happen to be the founder of a BEAUTIFUL international ministry and non-profit, Compassion That Compels. Every day, we provide HOPE and emotional support to women battling cancer – one Compassion Bag at a time. Visit my blog, Soul Dimensions to receive more of my writing directly to your inbox! You can also follow my Instagram for more inspiration.
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