"My Wish"

by Sam Perdue Women who are battling cancer hold a special place in my heart. I lost my dear mother-in-law, Judy, to an aggressive sarcoma. I sat beside her during treatments, keeping her company. As she rested, I’d look around at the many women getting infusions, noticing how strong they seemed in the face of… Read More

"Passing the Torch of Faith, Hope, & Love"

by Tara Ashley I’m the store manager for Altar’d State in Frisco, TX. I’ve worked with Kristianne and Compassion That Compels since the early days of our Mission Monday partnership. All of the Compassion Bag recipients from our store are precious to me. One special lady invited me into to her inner circle of cancer… Read More

"On Mother’s Day This Year…"

By Krista Schnee A cold dawn greeted me that morning, leaving me chilled as I began my day. There would be no rush, no hurry to complete any tasks. Just coffee and a book, something to allow me an escape. Solitude and a time for reflection on my loss would come later. It was Mother’s… Read More

"Sometimes, It’s the Quiet Ones"

Erin Reaves’ Story More than two years ago, I started my Altar’d State journey as the store manager in Leesburg, VA. At the start, I was very busy, getting the store in order for a good season. The previous store manager had partnered with Compassion That Compels. I learned about the organization by talking to… Read More