Providing HOPE to women battling cancer
– one Compassion Bag at a time


are never alone. Cancer is a thief that steals a woman’s identity and threatens to rename you as a diagnosis or medical record number where just a few moments before you were known as daughter, sister, mom, wife or friend to others. Cancer makes a woman feel invisible, and when you are visible in your own mirror, the ravages of chemo, radiation and surgery aren’t what you want to see. When you wrestle with who you’ve become, know this – God calls you BEAUTIFUL!


Compassion That Compels is here to fight with you. We are a resource to equip you spiritually, emotionally and in a tangible way, with Compassion Bags. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you suddenly become a warrior. Her life is hijacked by an invisible enemy and will never be the same. Everything is tunneled into overcoming and beating cancer. In a world turned upside down from cancer we want you to know that you are brave, BEAUTIFUL, and never alone in this fight!


God’s ties of love are interwoven between us and the hearts we touch with His compassion. We love because He first loved us. It’s our honor and highest calling to serve you, His BEAUTIFUL daughter.




Hear All ABout it


What if every major life event became a platform for your legacy? Kristianne’s uplifting and humorous talk shows us how to build a legacy not just from what we’ve survived, but what we’ve overcome.
How do we respond when cancer collides with our Christianity? What do we do when those we love and know as sister, mother or daughter become known by their medical record number and diagnosis? That’s when faithing begins. Join Kristianne as she lights a path of hope with love and compassion. Her nuggets of wisdom forged from personal trials, equips us all to live victoriously “on the other side of something.”
Kristianne shares a life-giving message on releasing unforgiveness and shows how God’s grace molds our bitter mess to sweet message. You’ll be a part of Compassion That Compels as you assemble Compassion Bags and hear the stories of women’s lives touched by God’s love and compassion.

Based on the Level Paths and Moral Virtues series, this engaging seminar will train and resource your ministry leaders with sustainable discipleship tools. Kristianne’s engaging approach to small group outreach provides a practical, yet in depth discipleship model. Small group leaders and learners will gain straightforward Biblical knowledge to empower a life well lived.
Marriage as with tea, is a steeping process that starts when water infuses the tea, expanding the tea leaves, and a symphony of flavor begins. The steeping tea demands time and resists the constrains of a typical tea bag. We require God’s living water to imbue our marriage and a marriage immersed in the Holy Spirit does not restrain God. Marriage is a lifetime of steeping in God’s love, grace, and mercy. Kristianne’s marriage seminar blends together her love of tea and discipling women. Her fun and humorous approach is inviting to all ladies, whether they are single or married.

Awards & Recognitions


Christopher & Banks and Women of Faith selected Kristianne Stewart as a runner up in the Amazing Women contest! This is a prestigious honor for Compassion That Compels. Every day we are privileged to meet brave and BEAUTIFUL women who do amazing things as they battle cancer. Thank you to all our BEAUTIFUL women for their friendship, encouragement, and love. We share this award with you!

Read more about all the Amazing Women recognized in 2015.

Reaching women battling cancer with Compassion Bags

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