"Are you happy at me?"

By: Kristianne Stewart My youngest daughter Annelise didn’t simply play dress up, she had her own fashion line and a princess dress was a part of her daily wardrobe. Annelise would twirl and dance in her clear, plastic high heels despite the heat buildup that put a film of moisture across her half-painted, pink toenails.… Read More

"A Cancer Diagnosis"

by Dianna Salciccioli It was with both anticipation and anxiety that I boarded an early plane last Friday heading to Tennessee to be a part of a meaningful Retreat named “Just Breath”. It was a non-profit called Compassion That Compels who had a vision for this event; I was honored to serve alongside their amazing… Read More

"Celebrating Who I am NOT"

We are like clay jars 2 Corinthians 4:7 | www.CompassionThatCompels.org
by Gwen Plauche There are a few brave stories on social media worth mentioning about this topic.  One lovely girl, laughed at for her large size while shopping, turned it around, posting a picture of herself in the same shirt that the scoffers had used in her ridicule. Another young woman boldly wears her bikini during filming a statement recapping all the comments she has received regarding who she is not and why a girl her size should not wear a bikini.   Both of these girls held her heads high with big smiles on their faces.  Why? They were celebrating who they were not. Read More

"What Do you Say to Someone Facing Cancer?"

What Do You Say to Someone Facing Cancer? CompassionThatCompels.org/blog

By Carla Burke

It doesn’t matter if it’s breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, or brain cancer. There are several things you CAN say when someone tells you they have been diagnosed with cancer.

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