One hundred pennies make a dollar. That’s a lot of pennies! Now, how many pennies are in $10.00???? The answer: 1,000.

Why is this number significant? Because last week, Altar’d State teamed up with CTC and packed not one, not 100, but 1,000 Compassion Bags!!!! Yes, that’s right: 1,000 women are now going to be blessed with a Compassion Bag because of the generosity of a team of people who came together to “Stand Out for Good” to give strength to women battling cancer.

That last quote is the whole principle that Altar’d State is built upon, and what an astounding motto it is!


I was given the amazing opportunity to be one of those people who touched those compassion bags packed in the distribution center last week. What an honor it was for me to stand beside the very people who made it possible for me to receive my own Compassion Bag just over a year ago.

I will never forget that day. I had received my second round of the chemo drug nicknamed “red devil” a few days prior, when I woke up to find my pillow covered in my brown hair. I was a complete train wreck. My husband told me to go to my favorite store (which just so happens to be Altar’d State) and buy myself something to make myself feel pretty.

When I got to the store, I was red-faced with tear-stained cheeks. I was struggling to find anything that would take this hurt away. Then, a young woman, looking like an angel, was standing right in front of me wearing a beautiful headband.

Curiosity set in and the words came pouring out of my mouth. I asked her, “Does that headband cover your whole head?” Without hesitation, she pulled it off and then demonstrated that it would indeed. My eyes welled up with tears, and I asked her to help me pick out as many as I could carry.

That headband was called the Boho Bandeau. I wore one every single day for 8 months. My angel was Andrea, the store manager, and she blessed me with my Compassion Bag.


As I stood in the assembly line created for packing the Compassion Bags, I found myself humbled and breathless. In a moment’s time, I went from being occupied to being engulfed by emotion. In a world such as ours, it seems that most companies are pushing God out of the spotlight and into the shadows -- the exact opposite of what this amazing company is doing. Altar’d State is pulling God back into the spotlight and that, my friends, is what makes them Stand Out for Good.


Shop Mission Monday’s from April 23rd through June 11th, online or at any of the over 70 Altar’d State Partner stores and Altar’d State donates a portion of the sales to Compassion That Compels! Together, we can reach 1,000 beautiful women in the fight of their lives!