"On Mother’s Day This Year…"

By Krista Schnee A cold dawn greeted me that morning, leaving me chilled as I began my day. There would be no rush, no hurry to complete any tasks. Just coffee and a book, something to allow me an escape. Solitude and a time for reflection on my loss would come later. It was Mother’s… Read More

"Sometimes, It’s the Quiet Ones"

Erin Reaves’ Story More than two years ago, I started my Altar’d State journey as the store manager in Leesburg, VA. At the start, I was very busy, getting the store in order for a good season. The previous store manager had partnered with Compassion That Compels. I learned about the organization by talking to… Read More

"The Gift of Time"

Lauren Hughes’ Story   Working in retail can be very hectic, and the responsibilities of leading a store can be demanding. Getting everything done each day is a challenge, but it’s so rewarding when you know the positive effect that you can make on both your internal and external guests. At Altar’d State, even though… Read More

"1,000 Reasons Why Altar’d State Stands Out for Good"

by Danielle Stepp One hundred pennies make a dollar. That’s a lot of pennies! Now, how many pennies are in $10.00???? The answer: 1,000. Why is this number significant? Because last week, Altar’d State teamed up with CTC and packed not one, not 100, but 1,000 Compassion Bags!!!! Yes, that’s right: 1,000 women are now… Read More