"Your Story Matters…BEAUTIFUL Joy"

The gift they call cancer…BEAUTIFUL Joy January 1st, I started a gratitude jar. Each day I would write down one thing I was grateful for. I care for my elderly parents and found myself getting … Read More

"Your Story Matters…BEAUTIFUL Diana"

I wanted a healing faith…BEAUTIFUL Diana No one wants to hear the word, cancer, associated with them, but when it comes, you have a choice to make. Do you give in to the hopelessness and … Read More

"Your Story Matters…BEAUTIFUL Emily"

He crowned me…BEAUTIFUL Emily On a summer day that I will never forget, I believe I went into some kind of shock as I listened to my primary care doctor inform me that I had … Read More

"Your Story Matters…BEAUTIFUL Grace"

Rebuilt by God…BEAUTIFUL Grace (Pictured left to right – BEAUTIFUL Grace, Kristianne, BEAUTIFUL Karen) I had cancer it didn’t have me. When I was asked to share my story of how my faith has grown … Read More