"What NOT to Say to a Cancer Patient"

What NOT to Say to Someone Facing Cancer | CompassionThatCompels.org

by Nancy Backues  

I get it. Cancer is one of those words. You know the ones no one likes to say, or hear, about yourself, a loved one, or a complete stranger. And no one knows quite what to say in response to it.

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"You Are Not Alone: PTSD after Cancer"

I will make a pathway through the wilderness. Isaiah 43:19 | ComassionThatCompels.org/blog

by Katie Poole

I ran my hands gently across our new boxer puppy’s dark fur. He was so soft, but I knew in time his brindle coat would grow wirey and scratchy. I plucked at a spot on his neck, testing how bad he might shed as he grew older. A few short, dark hairs landed in my palm. My breath caught in my chest, my eyes fogged up, time stopped.

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"My Big, Fat Mouth: The Power of Words"

They were a joy, my heart's delight. Jeremiah 15:16 | CompassionThatCompels.org
by Kristianne Stewart

Words are powerful. Written or spoken, they release an emotional response. A few years ago, on a particular spring day, I decided to put my mouth on a diet. Not a diet in the traditional sense of what I was eating, but rather, what I was consuming. I was beginning to have a big, fat mouth because I was eating a lot of my own words and other people’s words. I had been swallowing them whole and letting them ferment in my spirit for my entire life.

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"Choose Faith Over Fear"

God has not given us a spirit of fear. 2 Timothy 1:7 | CompassionThatCompels.org/blog

by Kristen Feola

We’re all afraid of something. Do a Google search for “top fears in the United States,” and you’ll see a long list of phobias – common fears such as acrophobia (heights) and claustrophobia (small spaces), as well as some odd ones, such as globophobia (balloons) and pogonophobia (beards). What’s interesting is that some fears seem to be pervasive, affecting a majority of the human population. One example is the fear of failure.

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