What does healthy look like?

I used to believe being healthy meant I needed to fit into my size 2 jeans. So long as I was the correct clothing size, nothing else really mattered. If only it were that simple! Healthy is a delicate balance of mental and physical wellbeing that requires quite a bit of grace.

Diet: Moderation is key. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of deliciousness. Sometimes that leads to one too many cookies, but you then just need to add an extra few minutes on the elliptical while at the gym.

Speaking of the Gym: Didn’t make it to your spin class today? That’s okay! You’ll order the salad at dinner and add a pilates class this weekend.

And while a well-balanced diet, rigorous physical activity and restful sleep is important, it is just as crucial to tend to your mental health. You need to set aside ‘me’ time to decompress, and prioritize your happiness.

This is where showing yourself a little grace comes into play. First, we need to make a conscious decision to listen to our body. What is it telling you today? If it needs to rest, you rest. If it needs to change its diet, you change your diet. If your muscles are tight, skip strength training and take a mindful meditation class. Speak kindly to yourself and celebrate all your wins no matter how small. Did you ‘just say no’ to your soda addiction today? Did you do those 50 squats while binge watching a television show? Did you tend to your mental health by reading a good book? Celebrate those small wins because they lead to big victories! And if you fall short, it’s okay! Show yourself some GRACE and pick up where you left off!

Samantha Lovett is a personal traininer out of Knoxville, TN and a BEAUTIFUL Overcomer.