Compassion Communities

A message from Kristianne’s heart… 
I want you to know that I am praying for you because if you’re reading this, it means cancer has touched your life as it did mine. Compassion That Compels began as I watched my two sisters-in-law and sister battle cancer. BEAUTIFUL Pam, my second sister-in-law, helped to inspire the Compassion Community movement. If you had met Pam, you would have loved her. She was a caretaker of all, providing shelter and love to those who had neither. Pam was fearless, kind, and giving with an exuberant spirit. Pam’s cancer recurred as Metastatic Breast Cancer and she battled two different types of breast cancer at the same time. Pam’s role flipped from supporting everyone around her to needing support for even the smallest tasks. Like any woman fighting cancer, she needed comfort, hope, and a community of sisters as cancer tried to control her life.

The gift of HOPE and a single act of kindness is never wasted. I have watched Compassion That Compels grow and share God’s love and compassion to women throughout the world. These are the ties of God’s love, that hold us to one another. May you be richly blessed by being a part of our BEAUTIFUL family.

Our Compassion Communities are groups of BEAUTIFUL leaders who work to give ongoing emotional support to women currently in treatment. They also help to fundraise for Compassion That Compels and distribute Compassion Bags in their area.

We are looking for women to act as Compassion Community Liaisons who will serve as our main point of contact within their community. Liaisons may start a Compassion Community in a new area,  gather volunteers, attend events, fundraise, and coordinate with sponsors and treatment centers.

If you are interested in becoming a Compassion Community Liaison or would like more information about joining a Compassion Community, please click the teal button below the map!

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