Compassion Communities

Our Compassion Communities are groups of BEAUTIFUL leaders who work to give ongoing emotional support to women currently in treatment and fundraise for Compassion Bags. Compassion Communities, and our Compassionista Sister program, connect women with a similar diagnosis and life phase to a peer mentoring program. This relationship forms a bond of love and compassion to aid in their healing. We know that cancer is a thief that steals a woman’s identity and threatens to rename her as a diagnosis or medical record number, where just a few moments before she was known as daughter, sister, mom, wife or friend to others. Cancer makes a woman feel invisible, and when she is visible in her mirror, the ravages of chemo, radiation, and surgery aren’t what she wants to see. As she wrestles with who she’s become, we provide the HOPE and confidence to let her know she’s brave, BEAUTIFUL, and never alone! If you are interested in being a part of a Compassion Community, sign up below.