Peer Mentoring Program

Our Sister-2-Sister program connects women with a similar diagnosis and life phase to a peer mentoring program. This relationship forms a bond of love and compassion to aid in healing. We know that cancer is a thief that steals a woman’s identity and threatens to rename her as a diagnosis, where just a few moments before she was known as daughter, sister, mom, wife or friend to others. As she wrestles with who she’s become, we provide the HOPE and confidence to let her know she’s brave, BEAUTIFUL, and never alone! If you would like to be matched with a mentor to receive love and support during your journey, or if you would like to be a mentor to a BEAUTIFUL Overcomer currently in the battle, please fill out the form below.

On Your Feet

The “On Your Feet” part of our program is geared to helping women during and after treatment to return to the workforce. We have a resume writer, and through Sister 2 Sister, a needs assessment and equipping to help with:

Career Pathway Interviewing Skills
Managing Stress Clothing/shoe needs (due to surgery or medication-induced weight gain/loss)

We are partnering with the nonprofit, The Time Between Is, INC and their founder, Lisa Nielsen. Our September 7th-8th, Soul Sisters/On Your Feet retreat, will have sessions to review resumes and career guidance for our attendees. Here’s a little of Lisa’s story and a link to see the vision and passion of The Time Between Is, Inc on their website.

“My name is Lisa Nielsen. I was diagnosed with cancer at 39 years old and the day after my last chemotherapy, I lost my full time job. As a career expert and author, I figured I would bounce back easily. I was wrong! When I started looking for another full time job, I found myself struggling from my soul to my brain to my heart. I realized that survivorship does not have the resources necessary to navigate this new normal and the bills keep coming in, regardless. I created my nonprofit, The Time Between Is, INC, to empower others who have been told, “You have cancer” find meaningful work and vision for their career.’

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