"Adventures in Adversity"

"My cancer journey taught me to look at things through the eyes of a child." Adventures in Adversity | www.CompassionThatCompels.org
by Amber Swenson Now that I am on the other side of a cancer diagnosis, I often sit back and reflect on the last year of my life. As I consider my year of early-morning snuggles and gummy bear kisses, I mostly think about how my diagnosis affected my sweet boys. Read More

"You Are Not Alone: PTSD after Cancer"

I will make a pathway through the wilderness. Isaiah 43:19 | ComassionThatCompels.org/blog

by Katie Poole

I ran my hands gently across our new boxer puppy’s dark fur. He was so soft, but I knew in time his brindle coat would grow wirey and scratchy. I plucked at a spot on his neck, testing how bad he might shed as he grew older. A few short, dark hairs landed in my palm. My breath caught in my chest, my eyes fogged up, time stopped.

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"Answered Prayer"

"For this child I have prayed." Answered Prayer | CompassionThatCompels.org
by Danielle Stepp People often ask me, “What do you think caused your cancer?”   I do not know why I get that question. Maybe because I look healthy or the fact that I have never been sick before in my life. But I hear it all the time.   I simply answer, “That’s easy;… Read More