"Thankfulness Feast"

Have you noticed? There’s a Gratitude Movement sweeping the world. We see it in books, journals, blogs, and home décor. Everywhere you look, there is another reminder to be thankful. “Because I said so!” I dreaded hearing that response from my parents as I questioned some seemingly unfair decision they had made about my social interactions. Of course, the day came when I heard myself saying the exact same words to my children. My children say the same phrase to their children, but with an additional ending. “I need you to trust that we know what is best for you.” Not speaking out of impatience or anger. They are teaching my grandchildren to respect authority and to learn to trust their Heavenly Father. When life becomes dark, difficult, and seemingly unfair, our Father God has provided a way for us to respond so we are not crippled, destroyed by toxic emotions and cynicism. He directs us to His Word and we learn to trust that He knows what is best for us. Read More

"A Clean Heart"

Jennifer finds cleansing through cleaning after a cancer diagnosis. A Clean Heart | CompassionThatCompels.org
I don’t remember how I came across Compassion That Compels; it may have been Facebook or Instagram. I I had finished chemotherapy and was approaching a bilateral mastectomy. I received a message that there was a Compassion Bag for ME! I picked up my bag from the Altar’d State store in Asheville, NC, and on that same… Read More

"How a Journal Saved my Life"

I sat at the curb in a wheelchair as the hospital attendant tried to make small talk. I didn’t mean to be rude, but I simply wasn’t up for pleasantries. After all, I had just found out I had cancer. My husband pulled our vehicle up to the curb and helped me into the vehicle. That’s when I noticed a small package from the hospital gift shop. I looked at him and asked, “What’s this?” He smiled, “It’s for you.” Inside the bag were a brand new journal and a chocolate bar. For the first time, a small ray of light broke through the dark cloud that had settled with the word “cancer.” Writing and chocolate, I thought, he knows me so well. I spent the following weeks and months filling those pages with the emotions and fears that accompany a cancer diagnosis. My words spilled onto the pages in rage, questions, prayers, and finally faith-filled peace. A few, short weeks later, an oncologist pronounced me “cancer-free,” but that would not be the last time I faced the ugly demon of cancer. Read More

"Incredible God, Incredible Peace"

by Becky Stockman My husband and I were living on top of the world. After being married for 9 ½ years, we welcomed our daughter into our lives. Life was everything it should be. Seven weeks into our parenthood journey, everything changed. I started exhibiting symptoms that I attributed to postpartum hormones and severe lack… Read More